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Fabtech 2013

Rick and I set off from Winnipeg early Monday morning leaving the snow that has settled into Winnipeg behind for the Fabtech show in Chicago, IL. The show was very busy with attendees taking in all the latest that the metal fabrication and welding industry has to offer.

Mitsubishi unveiled the eX-S laser that garnered a lot of positive feedback. This laser is an extension of the already very successful eX that is now offered with a 2700 Watt resonator at a very competitive price.See the video of the machine in action.  The NX-F, Fiber laser was also on display and paired with automated loading and unloading to show how fabricators can take full advantage of the high cutting speeds that Fiber lasers have to offer. Mitsubishi will now be offering the NX-F Fiber laser 4000 Watt resonator.

Download the Mitsubishi eX-3 Edition pdf.

Durma had two impressive booths displaying all the fabricating equipment in their line up. The AD-S 30135 Servo press brake that offers electrical consumption savings by utilizing two smaller motors and using much less hydraulic oil was impressive to see in action.
Durma Booth at Fabtech

Norlok Technologies had introduce their new Self Piercing Rivet (SPR) technology that can be installed in any Surelok III with great success. See the video of the machine in action. This technology allows the machine to fasten a rivet to two pieces of material that would not be able to be done through conventional clinching due to the coated material on the steel. This will make for an excellent option for roofing and sign companies.
Norlok Surelok III

Hypertherm had the new highly anticipated PowerMax 125 on display in their booth that offers the ability to pierce 1” Mild Steel. We look forward to being able to offer this increased capacity air plasma power source with the Retro plasma tables in the very near future.

All in all it was another well attended show in Chicago. I certainly enjoyed getting off my feet after having walked several miles of aisle way and getting back into Winnipeg to arrive to more snow than when I had left!

Next year’s Fabtech show is in Atlanta, GA you can find more details at www.fabtechexpo.com