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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!


Empire Machinery is your source for liquid and aerosol degalvanizer to keep your rollformers free of galvanized build up.

  • Spray Cans – Formula 1 Deglavanizer

    Spray Cans – Formula 1 Degalvanizer

    Formula 1 Degalvanizer Features:

    • Spray anyway valve
    • Safe on metals, alloys, and rubber
    • Safe on most painted surfaces
    • Fast acting – cuts through galvanized scale, dirt, and rust
    • Keeps rolls, dies, punching, shearing, and notching blades operating smoothly
    • Extension tube supplied for pin-point application
    • Individual Cans or by the case (12 – 15 OZ. Cans/case)

    Lubricating fluid | Lubricating Liquid

  • Degalvanizer - Marvel Mystery OilDegalvanizer - Marvel Mystery Oil

    Em-Pro Degalvanizer & Rollforming Lubricant (Marvel Mystery Oil)

    Em-Pro Degalvanizer & Rollforming Lubricant is more commonly known as Marvel Mystery Oil.

    • Lubricates & Protects
    • Removes Galvanized Build-up
    • For All Rollformers & Other Equipment
    Marvel Mystery Oil