Empire Machinery is your source for liquid and aerosol degalvanizer to keep your rollformers free of galvanized build up.

  • Spray Cans – Formula 1 Deglavanizer

    Spray Cans – Formula 1 Deglavanizer

    Formula 1 Deglavanizer Features:

    • Spray anyway valve
    • Safe on metals, alloys, and rubber
    • Safe on most painted surfaces
    • Fast acting – cuts through galvanized scale, dirt, and rust
    • Keeps rolls, dies, punching, shearing, and notching blades operating smoothly
    • Extension tube supplied for pin-point application
    • Individual Cans or by the case (12 – 15 OZ. Cans/case)

    Lubricating fluid | Lubricating Liquid

  • Degalvanizer - Marvel Mystery OilDegalvanizer - Marvel Mystery Oil

    Em-Pro Degalvanizer & Rollforming Lubricant (Marvel Mystery Oil)

    Em-Pro Degalvanizer & Rollforming Lubricant is more commonly known as Marvel Mystery Oil.

    • Lubricates & Protects
    • Removes Galvanized Build-up
    • For All Rollformers & Other Equipment
    Marvel Mystery Oil