Plasma Cutting Tables

Empire Machinery offers a variety of plasma cutting tables by Em-Pro, Engel and Retro Systems as well as used plasma cutting tables.

Plasma cutting is an evolving technology that cuts through electrically conductive materials such as structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper via an accelerated jet of hot plasma.  This stream of superheated ionized gas melts through the material, providing great accuracy on cuts and cleaner edges than can be obtained with traditional metal against metal cuts, with the added benefit of eliminating the byproduct of metal chips.  The plasma and compressed gas blow the heated metal away from the work piece as you cut through the material.  Plasma cutting tables are an effective solution for a variety of shops due to the ability to cut through thicker pieces than you can with a laser cutting table. The continuous advances in computer numerical controls (CNC), nesting software and plasma technology will provide fabricators excellent flexibility in meeting their metal cutting requirements.

Empire Machinery & Tools Ltd. has partnered with Hornet Cutting Systems in order to provide their top-quality, industry-leading cutting machines to our customers.  Hornet has a wide variety of plasma cutting tables available to meet any specific projects you may have, and they pride themselves on offering the perfect solution for your needs, no matter what industry or application you are involved in.  Their plate cutting machines can produce both bevel and straight cuts, and can cut through up to 12” of mild steel, 6” of stainless steel, and 6” of aluminum.  Starting with the Hornet SS model that comes in at a compact and efficient 4’ x 4’ size, all the way up to the Mega Hornet 2000 that can cut widths from 8.2’ up to 20’, and lengths from 12’ to over 100’, they really do have the full range of options to handle whatever task you want to complete.

Please click on the links below to see detailed specifications on the machines available, or contact our Sales team directly for more information, and we will be happy to work with you to find the right machine for your business.