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Letter Stamping in a Press Brake

I recently received an email from Wilson Tool explaining the benefits of letter stamping in a press brake. Some of the advantages are quicker stamping, more depth control, quality control, and cost savings. You can read the entire article below.

Whatever your letter stamping needs, we can help you select the best tooling for your operation. For more information on letter stamping options, contact us at 800-665-8089.

Sean Mashinter
Sales Manager

Letter Stamping in a Press Brake

Holders Now in Stock at Wilson Tool.

Wilson Tool Letter StampingIf you work primarily with press brake machinery, you may be surprised to learn that you can display your company name, serial number or logo on your product without switching to a punch press machine. All you need is a letter stamp holder for your press brake.

There are a number of advantages to letter stamping with a press brake.

  • Quicker stamping: A press brake machine can stamp large areas on your product that would require several punches if using a punch press machine. You can also save time by avoiding switching machines between press brake and letter stamping applications.
  • More depth control: While chisel point tonnage in a punch press can affect the depth of your punch, it is not a concern in a press brake, as the depth of stroke on your machine can be easily adjusted to help control the depth of form.
  • Quality control: If you are primarily a press brake operation, you will retain the quality control and consistency of your final product if you would have otherwise hired a third party to ID or add logos.
  • Cost savings: By investing in letter stamp tooling for your press brake, you can avoid the higher cost of hiring out for your letter stamping, or investing in punch press machinery.

The letter stamp tool holds three rows of twenty 1/8” and 3/16” characters. If your letter stamping needs are more specific, we also offer fully customizable options for our press brake holder that can be special ordered.