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Spiral Pipe & Related Equipment

Empire Machinery offers new spiral pipe machines including fittingshapers, gorelockers, tubeformers, goreslitters, ovalizers and rollformers by Spiral-Helix as well as pre-owned spiral pipe & related equipment.

  • Spiral-Helix Fittingshaper 1250

    Spiral-Helix Fittingshaper 1250

    Spiral-Helix Fittingshaper 1250, The patented machine designed to form the grooves for a rubber gasket, a stop bead, as well as clamping the gasket on the ends of fittings.

    Diameter Range: 5" - 50"
  • Spiral-Helix Gorelocker Lite

    Spiral-Helix Gorelocker Lite

    For smaller shops. the Gorelocker Lite is the machine of choice, providing superior fittings without sacrificing quality. Compact and easy to operate, the Lite provides time and material savings while producing hundreds of fittings daily.

    Diameter Range: 5" - 40"
  • Spiral-Helix Gorelocker Sport Plus

    Spiral-Helix Gorelocker Sport Plus

    The Gorelocker Sport Plus offers an alternative to welded elbows, reducers, end caps and off-sets.

    Diameter Range: 5" - 50"
  • Spiral-Helix Tubeformer x-20

    Spiral-Helix Tubeformer X-20

    Diameter Range: 3” - 50”
  • Spiral-Helix Helix 3600 Tubeformer

    Spiral-Helix Helix 3600 Tubeformer

    Diameter Range: 3” – 64”
  • Spiral-Helix Helix Goreslitter

    Spiral-Helix Helix Goreslitter

    The Helix Goreslitter for cutting of gores including elbows, flat oval elbows, twisted elbows, offsets and linear cuts. Since the metal is slit, not burned, it has a smooth, non-hardened edge that will eliminate wear and tear on your Gorelocker or finishing machines.

    Diameter Range: 4” – 59”
  • Spiral-Helix Ovalizer 36-10

    Spiral-Helix Ovalizer 36/10

    Basic Circular Duct Diameter: 13” – 80”
  • Spiral-Helix Rollformer

    Spiral-Helix Rollformer

    For great versatility, quick adjustments and high speed, the Helix Rollformer is there for you.

    Diameter Range: 4” – 30”
  • Spiral-Helix Roval-Roller 48-20

    Spiral-Helix Roval-Roller 48/20

     It reproduces round and flat-oval segments and reducers as well as many other forms common to the sheet-metal industry.

    Maximum Thickness: 20GA

    Spiral-Helix Stitch Welder Pro

    Diameter Range: 3” - 39”