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Our new Tennsmith LM1014 shear has really made a difference in our shop. It is a pleasure to work with and we have already sheared 14GA without a problem. The Front Material Return has improved production and safety – no-one has to go behind the shear to pick up parts! The Tennsmith back gauge is easy to use and accurate – we are very pleased with our new shear!

Dunmet Products

With the 10GA rotary machine, we can now ‘Vanstone’ 14GA stainless steel. Before we had to weld flanges on anything heavier than 16GA. We can also form elbow edges in heavier material. This machine was so important to our production, that we ordered second unit, just as back-up. Instead, we are now using them both in production. They have saved us a lot of welding!

Enerdry Constructors #1

We at Enerdry Constructors have depended on Empire as a supplier of sheet metal fabricating equipment on a number of occasions. They are very knowledgeable and treat us in a very professional way. As far as after sale service, we have not required any warranty work on anything we have purchased, but would assume professionalism in this respect also. We do feel they are treating us with long term in mind, not just a one time sale.

Enerdry Constructors #2

It’s a pleasure doing business with your firm. Thank you for your prompt service.

Everette’s Heating

Our Engel TDF machine is saving us time and money! No more human error, scrap or reworking! It is a one man operation producing a consistent and quality lock. There are no maintenance issues, just grease and oil and it runs 100%!

Excel Ventilation

Our Vulcan 1000B is fantastic! Nice clean cuts, we’re very happy with it. Installation and training went perfectly. It was delivered on time and training was thorough. We knew exactly what we were doing before the technician left. The 1000B is saving us considerable time and is going steady every day. The software is great – easy to learn and work with. We are very pleased.

Extreme Sheet Metal



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