Baileigh Tube Bender – RDB-250

Model: RDB-250

220 Volt Single Phase Rotary Draw Bender w/ 170 Job Programmer. 2″ Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity. 9″ CLR Maximum

Model: RDB-250

220 Volt Single Phase Rotary Draw Bender w/ 170 Job Programmer. 2″ Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity. 9″ CLR Maximum

2" Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity. 9" CLR Max.
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The RDB-250 tube bender from Baileigh Industrial is a great addition to any fabrication shop. Powered by 220 volt single phase power, The RDB-250 tube bender has enough power to bend up to 2-1/2″ tubing and 2″ Schedule 40 pipe, making it extremely useful for any chassis or handrail application. Another nice feature of the RDB-250 is that it can bend to 180° in at a blistering speed of 9 seconds and can be programmed to bend up to 360 degrees in both left and right directions, great for solid rod applications when teamed up with a universal bend plate.

The RDB-250 bender makes quick work of complex serpentine bends because of its unique quick release counter die mount and easy to use touch screen controller. The controller on the RDB-250 tube bender features an internal memory that can hold 170 programs with 10 bends per program. It also accepts a memory card (standard 2GB SD card, max) for unlimited storage. The RDB-250 bender can also be used in manual mode for those one off prototypes for witch setting a program is not necessary. The RDB-250 has a foot pedal control for even more versatility.

Another nice feature of the RDB-250 tube bender is that it accepts an index table. An index table is important for keeping a section of bends during a program on the correct plane to achieve the most accurate finished product possible.

The RDB-250 from Baileigh Industrial is the most revolutionary and economical programmable bender on the market for its capacity.

Made in the USA

Product Description

Baileigh Rotary Draw Tube and Pipe Bender – RDB-250 Specifications:

Model RDB-250
Minimum CLR .5″
Minimum OD .25″
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1.25″
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 40 2″
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 2.5″ (.125)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 2″ (.125)
Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40 1.5″
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 2.375″ (.125)
Chromolly Round Tube Wall 2″ (.125)
Aluminum Round Tube Wall 2.5″ (.156)
Maximum Center Line Radius Clr 9″
Power 220V Single Phase
Shipping Weight 610 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions 60″ x 44″ x 68″

1 Year Parts Warranty

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Tube and Pipe Bender RDB-250, Baileigh Industrial

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