Spiral-Helix Stitch Welder Pro

Diameter Range: 3” - 39”

Diameter Range: 3” - 39”
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Saves money – the Helix Stitch Welder Pro produces a top quality welded seam which does not alter the quality of the welded material. No more burnt galvanizing which means less finishing work. No additional sealing paint will be required. The welded seam is consistently accurate from the beginning to the end.

Saves time – the recyclable copper wire electrode eliminates wasted time for finishing, sealing and painting. There is no need for frequent cleaning or rework of the welding rolls. The Helix Stitch Welder Pro welds from 16 to 40 feet per minute, making it a very productive and effective machine.

Saves material – the Helix Stitch Welder Pro welds with a 1/4” overlap to keep your material costs to a minimum.

Saves energy – the Helix Stitch Welder Pro uses only 40 kVA, lowering energy consumption as compared to a Seamwelder or Spotwelder.

Product Description

Spiral-Helix Stitch Welder Pro Specifications:

  • Diameter Range: 3” – 39”
  • Welding Length: 2.36” – 40”
  • 50″ and 60″ boom length
  • Sheet Thickness: .012 – .040”
  • Overlap:1/4”
  • Variable Welding Speed: 16 to 40 feet/min.
  • Wire Diameter: .078”

2 Year Warranty

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