Baileigh Shrinker and Stretcher

Capacity: 14GA Mild Steel

Model MSS-14H

Model MSS-14H

Capacity: 14GA Mild Steel
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Have you ever had the thought of shrinking anything more than 16 gauge mild steel, but when you try it the machine and jaws just can’t quite cut it. This is when the concept for the MSS-14H hydraulic shrinker stretcher came from. The MSS-14H hydraulic shrinker stretcher is 100% made in the USA from solid plate steel and has a deep 7″ throat allowing even the deepest of metal working. But the MSS-14H is unlike anything on the market to date, the MSS-14H is actually hydraulically driven by a 110 volt hydraulic system on the down stroke for great power and air pressure assisted on the upstroke for faster movement. This system allows for between 30 and 40 stokes per minute.

Another unique feature of the MSS-14H shrinker stretcher is the tooling. The MSS-14H comes standard with one set of four jaws; this set of jaws can do both shrinking and stretching simply by turning the jaws around and installing the correct “pads”. This is a hydraulic/pneumatic operated machine which is controlled by a foot pedal allowing for hands free operation. If that wasn’t enough the MSS-14H has a mild steel capacity of 14 gauge and an aluminum capacity of 12 gauge.

Product Description

Baileigh Shrinker and Stretcher Specifications:

  • Mild Steel Capacity: 14GA
  • Aluminum Capacity: 12GA
  • Movement: Hydraulic Down / Pneumatic Up
  • Throat Depth: 6″
  • Stand: Included
  • Power Requirements: 110V 1PH
  • Air Requirements: 90PSI
  • Shipping Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 60″ x 44″ x 66″

1 Year Parts Warranty