Flagler Quadformer Rollformer

10 station rollformer with Flat S and Drive Cleat rolls built inboard and 2 outboard roll set profile available, pulls approx 16 amps, standard 230 Volt 3 Phase Electrics. Single Phase Electrics available as special order

Runs 100 ft per min

With (10) Forming Stations, the Flagler Quadformer comes standard with ā€œSā€ and Drive Cleat on the inboard forming positions. Machine has two Outboard Auxiliary Shafts which allow for your choice of Male or Female Button Lock, or Pittsburgh and 3-in-1 Rolls. The optional Quad Cutter attachment allows the shop to use up drop for their S & Drive Cleats while also avoiding having to pre-cut widths of 2.125ā€³ and 3.625ā€³