Alpmac Model C Hydraulic Press Brakes

Our C Series press brake is for the companies where speed of production if top of mind and a multi axis backgauge is a must.  Alpmac has pulled out all the stops with the C series and this is really where the saying “You get more for Less” comes into play.  Same as the B series the available sizes are 4’ to 20’ with tonnages from 40 to 1100, but with a 12.2” Stroke and a whopping 19.68” throat depth on most models, this coupled with large selection of available options on the C Series are what truly set it apart.  You say you want a 6 axis backgauge with a DELEM DA69T Control, with the ability to import solid works files, upper and lower hydraulic clamping with a 40” backgauge and a larger stroke and an even deeper throat depth.  Our answer will be yah we can do that!  Our C Series Alpmac is only limited by your imagination and you will be surprised at the money you save

The hydraulic system incorporates two synchronized cylinders and a high-volume pump to assure smooth, quiet operation and maximum accuracy of the ram movement.

Stock and standard builds include the Press Brake with DELEM DA66T CNC Control, precision ground and hardened gooseneck punch and 4 way lower die (Upper Punch Clamps hold both American and European tooling), CNC controlled X, R, Z1, Z2 Axis back gauge, CNC Crowning (8’ and longer), Interlocked side guarding, rear safety light curtains and front mounted lasers light guards for maximum operator safety and CSA compliance. Factory ordered machines can be configured with any control or options (See below for a complete listing of standard and optional features available).