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  • p2lean panel bender

Salvagnini P2lean Compact Panel Bender

If you’re looking for a stand-alone machine able to satisfy your bending needs, Salvagnini P2lean panel bender is your best choice: intuitive enough to work independently, able to efficiently produce a large variety of parts. Totally automatic bending.

98.23" L x 63" W (Incoming Sheet)
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P2lean – the ultimate Salvagnini panel bender
The most versatile and productive Salvagnini panel bender ever.

P2lean compact panel bender can produce a wide variety of metal parts, working automatically and according to different manufacturing strategies: from lean manufacturing to batch, kit, or single piece part flow.

Flexible: Wide and diversified production, from 27 to 11 gage thickness.
Productive: Universal bending tool and no set-up time.
Smart: Adaptive technology, guaranteed quality, zero scrap.
Safe: Totally automatic manipulation in cycle.
Simple: Easy installation, programming and use.
Sustainable: Reduced consumption (5 kW).
Versatile: Customized solution to produce parts, pieces and panels.

Product Description

Salvagnini P2lean Compact Panel Bender Specifications:

Machine Data  
Technical Specifications P2lean
Maximum length of incoming sheet (in) 98.23
Maximum width of incoming sheet (in) 63
Maximum diagonal that can be rotated (in) 98.43
Maximum bending force (blades) (kN) 330
Maximum bending force (blankholder) (kN) 530
Maximum bending length (in) 85.83
Maximum bending height (in) 6.50
Minimum thickness (gage) 27
Maximum thickness and bending angle steel, UTS 59500 psi (gage) 11 (±90°) / 13 (±120°) / 14 (±135°)
Maximum thickness and bending angle stainless steel, UTS 84200 psi (gage) 13 (±90°) / 14 (±120°) / 16 (±130°)
Maximum thickness and bending angle aluminium, UTS 38500 psi (gage) 7 (±120°) / 8 (±130°)
Average consumption (kW) 5.0
Noise level (Machine Directive 2006/42/EC) (dB) 68

Values refer to a standard machine without options.

1 Year Parts Warranty

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