Schechtl MAB CNC Folders

Where manual bending machines reach their limits, the MAB provides a huge increase in functionality and efficiency. Schechtl folders are the most popular architectural folders in the world. This folder offers very high bending capacity while keeping energy costs low. It comes in two different models 10 feet of 14 gauge and a full 13 feet of 16 gauge. The power and speed of the frequency inverter-controlled machine elements make model MAB a “work horse” among bending machines. Work more professionally by producing entire profiles in an operation and repeat the process with precision at any time. The MAB design has a much stiffer beam, which allows minimum deflection. The small folding beam allows operator to stand still rather than stepping in and out from the folding beam while forming.  Bearings and guides are maintenance free. The MAB has manually adjustable crowning to maintain bending precision for a range of material strength and thickness.