EvoBend – D800 Long Folding Machines

The Evobend D800 is the 'holy grail' of the EvoBend machines. It's maximum bending length of 8054mm makes it the longest bending machine on the market.  It boasts a patented bending technology with unique special functions, combined with it's 300° bending freedom capabilities and 5x energy saving technology. The entire EvoBend line is clean, economical & fully-electric.  Even the best software, with thousands of functions, is of no use if only experts can operate it, right?! Well, EvoBend turns every user into an expert with the intuitive operating elements of Bendware software.

The 26.5 ft version Evobend is capable of processing numerous quantities of material in less time. This high-end folding machine has been specifically developed for large edging companies producing tapered parts for wall cladding as an example.