EvoBend – D600 Long Folding Machine

The Evobend D600 is extremely precise. It's maximum bending length of 6400mm is unrivaled & unmatched anywhere else on the market.  Combined with it's 300° bending freedom capabilities and 5x energy saving technology, it is also incredibly safe. What do we mean? No swiveling out of the bending beam and hyper-sensitive innovative security fences. Another added benefit of these machines is their low-maintenance. EvoBend machines are 100% hydraulics free, which means no need to swap hoses and oil.

The 21 ft. version Evobend stands out with its unique price/performance ratio. With this machine you will work faster and more efficiently than with comparable machines. Metal building contractors, roofers, facade builders and many other sheet metal fabricators look forward to a long-folding machine of this exceptional quality.