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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!


  • Ellis bandsawEllis bandsaw

    Ellis Manual Mitre Horizontal Bandsaws

    Ellis Mitre Horizontal Bandsaws models from 1100 to 4000 Mitre (2000 Mitre Bandsaw is shown in the picture)

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    Models from 1100 to 4000 Mitre
  • Van Mark Coil Dispenser

    Van Mark Coil Dispenser

    Take control of all your coil handling situations with the original coil stock tool, Coil Cradle™. Pioneered by Van Mark Products, Coil Cradle™ gives you one-hand payout without snags and without damage. In the shop, use Coil Cradle™ with your basic color coils and see the reduction in scrap over a period of time. Any tool that pays for itself is a tool that will pay you. Don’t be fooled by copies of the original, make yours a Coil Cradle™

    • Built-in 90 degree scoring edge with stainless steel strip
    • Full width measuring scale
    • Scratch resistant polyethylene-covered rollers & cutting bed
    • Material releases from cradle smoothly
    • Portable and easy to setup
    • Fully enclosed feed tray
    • Strongest & most durable coiler on the market
  • Van Mark Quickscore

    Van Mark QuickScore

    QuickScore™ scores along the outer edge of the brake allowing a downward separation and as you lift the piece up, it snaps, right into your hands where you need it. Tool uses standard utility blades.

  • Van Mark trim a slitter

    Van Mark Trim-A-Slitter

    Trim-A-Slitter™ from Van Mark is built tough and will provide years of dependable, trouble-free service. Engineered to slit, perforate and stiffen most coil and sheet materials, the Trim-A-Slitter™ is a must for anyone performing light-to-heavy duty material handling. Trim-A-Slitter™ is a rugged piece of precision equipment designed for demanding on-the-job use. The unit is fully anodized to retain its integrity, good looks and function for years, no matter what the weather.

    • Available in 14″, 24″ models. For wider models up to 72″, see our Industrial Slitters. Rest assured we have the right slitter for your needs.
    • The Trim-A-Slitter™ from Van Mark is truly a tool engineered to save you time and money both on the job and in the shop.
    • Contact Van Mark today to find out how the Trim-A-Slitter™ can increase both your productivity and profit.
  • Van Mark TrimCutter

    Van Mark TrimCutter

    Designed to make your job site life a little easier while saving you time and money, you can count on TrimCutter™ to handle your material cutting needs. As with all our products, we are confident this tool will become an integral part of your job routine. By the time you add up the savings in time and labor, you’ll realize what thousands of contractors already know, TrimCutter™ pays for itself in no time at all.

    • Knives made from 100% hardened tool steel.
    • Tool uses 4-point roll bearing track system.
    • Use with Mark I , II, IV and Metal Master 20™ Series Brakes.
    • Dust Collection Systems
  • Van Mark Trimformer

    Van Mark TrimFormer

    The TrimFormer gives you the ability to strengthen and beautify ordinary trim work into designs that distinguish your workmanship from all others

    • Effortlessly integrate custom profiles into your trim work.
    • Only TrimFormer™ offers “true” brick mold profiles.
    • Affordable unit pays for itself in as little as one job.
    • TrimFormer™ comes standard with brick-mold & rib dies.
    • Optional Crown Molding dies available
  • unistand

    Van Mark UniStand

    Fits all Van Mark brakes with 14” throat depth and TAT50/TAT60 saw tables while the USA2 fits any Van Mark brake, but was specifically designed for models with a 20” throat depth. Both models feature a 4 point adjustable leg system designed to give you control over the tool height.

  • Van Mark Trim-A-Gutter

    Van Mark Trim-A-Gutter

    Custom Form Profitable Gutter Hood for Virtually any 5″ or 6″ K Style Gutter

    1) Easy to do
    a. All you need is our Trim-A-Gutter tool and Brackets (now in both 5” and 6”)
    b. It’s simple to operate our tool and easy to install the hood
    c. No specialized training needed

    2) Inexpensive
    a. The cost per foot of this system is one of the lowest available
    b. No franchise or marketing fees

    3) Flexible
    a. Choose from hundreds of coil colors vs. only a few with other systems
    b. Choose the metal that best suits the job
    c. Make any style hood the customer prefers that fits their job. Choose fascia or roof mount,
    dome or low profile…it’s up to you

    4) Profitable
    a. Competes with high end hood systems at a premium price, but without the costs
    b. Avoid waste by using only the size of hood needed rather than the “one size fits all” approach of other systems
    c. Expand endlessly. No limited territories

    5) Support
    a. Sales and Technical support available (8a-4p EST M-F)
    b. Video training & marketing tools available on the web and DVD

  • Van Mark NailHawg

    Van Mark NailHawg

    Keep your jobsite from digging it’s nails into your cleanup routine with the most innovative magnetic sweeper to come along in years. NailHawg™ uses a state-of-the-art magnet assembly in a durable weather resistant body to ensure this tool stays working on the job for many years to come. Bending and stooping over to clear debris from a magnetic sweeper is a thing of the past. NailHawg™ uses a unique hand/toe release which allows complete control over collection of all the nails into one location for easy disposal.

  • model-613-bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Horizontal Bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Fixed Head Horizontal Bandsaw with 7″ x 13″ Capacity power in a smaller saw footprint. Rugged Wellsaw quality. Designed for years of hard use. When you need the best not the biggest.

    Model: 613

    7" x 13" Capacity - Fixed Head - Model 613
  • model-1016-bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Horizontal Bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Horizontal Bandsaw with 10″ x 16″ Capacity and Fixed Head is in the industry since 1933. Now with more features and more flexibility. Powerful and robust. Provides fast and straight cuts for a lifetime.

    Model: 1016

    10" x 16" Capacity - Fixed Head - Model 1016
  • Horizontal Mitering Saw S 330/2/HV

    Marvel Semi-Automatic Mitering Horizontal Bandsaw

    Marvel Semi-Automatic Mitering Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw with 12″ x 18″ Capacity, high speed, horizontal, metal cutting band saw with 3 H.P., 60 degree miter cutting, and hydraulic vise.

    Model: 330/2/HV

    12″ x 18″ Capacity - Swivel Head - Model 330/2/HV
  • model-1316s-bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Miter Head Horizontal Bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Miter Swivel Head Horizontal Bandsaw with 13″ x 16″ Capacity is rugged and versatile mitre sawing so that you can take on any job. Built to perform. Built to last.

    Model: 1316S

    13" x 16" Capacity - Swivel Head - Model 1316S
  • 1316S-SA Semi-Automatic Swivel Head

    Wellsaw Semi-Automatic Scissor Type Horizontal Bandsaw

    Wellsaw Semi-Automatic Scissor Type Swivel Head Horizontal Bandsaw with 13″ x 16″ Capacity and 11-1/2″ at 45° provides the strength and precision of our popular swivel head saw with the convenience of true semi-automatic operation. Factory programmed PLC manages the saw head and bed vise improving both safety and productivity.

    Model: 1316S-SA

    13″ x 16″ Capacity and 11-1/2″ at 45° - Swivel Head - Model 1316SA
  • model-1318-bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Horizontal Bandsaw

    Wellsaw Manual Scissor Type Fixed Head Horizontal Bandsaw with large 13″ x 18″ capacity, powerful 3HP motor and precision construction the model 1318 gives you superior performance in the most demanding operations.

    Model: 1318

    13" x 18" Capacity - Fixed Head - Model 1318