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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!

Mestek Machinery

Empire Machinery offers a wide variety of equipment manufactured by Mestek Machinery across Canada. Equipment includes Lion Pneumatic Wrap Brakes, Engel and Iowa Precision (IPI) Coil lines, Lockformer Flangers and Duct Notchers, Lockformer and Engel Rollformers, Iowa Precision TDC/TDF Corner Insertion Equipment and Elbow machines.

  • Wrap Brake jobLion Pneuma - Wrap (Pneumatic) Brake

    Lion Pneuma (Pneumatic) -Wrap Brake

    Lion Pneuma (Pneumatic) – 5FT 16GA Wrap Brake ideal for forming L, Flat, Wrap, TDC and TDF Ductworks.
    Model MMPWB-6016

    5FT 16GA
    Model MMPWB-6016
  • Lion TDC Wrap Brake 2000

    Lion TDC Wrap Brake 2000

    Lion TDC Wrap Brake 2000 with 16GA capacity for ductwork and 78″ (Optional 118″) maximum bending width.

    78" 16GA
  • Engel Full Coiline Systems

    Engel Full Coil Line Systems

    Fastest Automated Duct Systems available in operation world-wide. From coil to duct “L” sections averaging every 15 seconds and a full wrap duct every 30 seconds. The highest quality, most productive & cost efficient duct manufacturing machines today.

  • IPI coil line-outputIPI coil line

    IPI Pro-Fabriduct Coil line

    IPI Pro-Fabriduct Coil line – Truly the most Advanced Complete Coil Line produced in the industry today. Leverages footprint, speed and production rates along with tolerances NO other HVAC coil line can match!

  • Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line

    IPI Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line

    Every IPI Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line System has been designed to maximize your return on investment by delivering years of reliable production. Designed for Light to Heavy Duty Commercial applications. Plus, IPI has always designed in the capability to add on to make this system a complete Automated Duct Line.

    Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line System provides you with the fastest feed rate in the industry and the most economical footprint in the world.

  • Plasma Coil Feed

    IPI Plasma Coil Feed

    IPI Plasma Coil Feed is designed to feed a plasma cutting table. It is comprised of a drive motor and a series of rolls to feed and remove coil set from the material.

  • lockformer Button Punch Snaplock Flanger

    Lockformer Button Punch Snaplock Flanger

    Roll single-direction curves down to a minimum radius of 3-1/2” inside or a 5” outside radius, almost automatically with Lockformer Button Punch Snaplock Flanger.

    Capacity: 20GA
  • lockformer Auto-Guided Flanger

    Lockformer Auto-Guided Flanger

    Lockformer Auto-Guided Flanger automatically follow any edge – curved or straight, with the Lockformer Model 16 Flanger.

    Capacity: 16GA Max.
  • Lockformer TDC Notcher

    Lockformer TDC Notcher

    Lockformer TDC 10FT 16GA Notcher comes standard with 5 notching heads and used for fast and accurate gang notching of duct blanks.

    10FT 16GA
  • Lockformer Speednotch TDC notcher Model 16

    Lockformer Speednotch TDC Notcher

    Lockformer Speednotch 10FT 16GA TDC Notcher allows you to gang-notch sheet metal hydraulically up to 600% faster than by hand, without layout or scribing.

    Model: 16

    10FT 16GA
    Model: 16
  • lockformer 14-16-18ga pittsburgh rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers with 14GA, 16GA and 18GA mild steel capacity have 7 forming stations with two forming positions.
    Models: 14, 16 & 18

    Capacity: 14GA, 16GA & 18GA
    Models: 14, 16 & 18
  • Engel TDF Rollformer optional clipEngel TDF Rollformer Model HB-1640-WT

    Engel TDF Rollformers

    Engel TDF Rollformers model HB-1640 TDF and HB-1246 TDF have 16 and 12 forming stations respectively to produce an integral flange on straight ductwork and fittings.

    Select the Capacity to Request a Quote!

    16 & 12 Forming Stations
    Models: HB-1640 TDF & HB-1246 TDF
  • Engel TDF-V 16 Station Rollformer

    Engel 16 Station TDF Rollformer

    Engel TDF-V16, 16 Station TDF Rollformer is the only transverse duct connector machine on the market certified to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25b based on actual laboratory tests across the full range of water gauges.

    Model: TDF-V 16

    16GA Transverse Duct Flange
    Model: TDF-V16
  • Engel TDF Rollformer optional clipLockformer tdc-v16 rollformer

    Lockformer TDC Rollformer

    Lockformer TDC Rollformer model TDC-V16 has 12 forming stations and produces TDC flanges from 18 to 26 ga. at speeds of up to 50 feet per minute!

    Model: TDC-V16

    12 Forming Stations
    Model: TDC-V16
  • Standing s Cleat rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Roll Forming machine contains 10 forming stations.
    Model: M-S-5-10

    10 Stations
    Model: M-S-5-10