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Engel Industries Equipment

Empire Machinery offers a variety of Engel Industries Equipment including Full Coilline Systems, Plasma Cutting Tables and Rollformers (TDF-V 16 station, TDF, Standing S Cleat, S-Cleat & Drive Cleat) across Canada.

  • Engel Full Coiline Systems

    Engel Full Coil Line Systems

    Fastest Automated Duct Systems available in operation world-wide. From coil to duct “L” sections averaging every 15 seconds and a full wrap duct every 30 seconds. The highest quality, most productive & cost efficient duct manufacturing machines today.

  • ENGEL Viking Plasma Table

    Engel Viking Plasma Table

    Sheet Capacity: 60” x 120”
  • Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    Used Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    Used Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    • Model: 4LM-P
    • Serial #: 5050-1-76
    • Capacity: 18GA
    • Notch Depth: 1-1/4″
    • 5 Heads (2 Corners, 3 “V”)
    • Dimensions: 60″ x 48″x 48″
    • Weight: 550 lbs
    • Good Condition

    Stock# 7907

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty

  • Engel 10FT air operated slip and drive notcher

    Used Engel 10FT 18GA Air Operated Slip & Drive Notcher

    Used Engel 10FT 18GA Air Operated Slip & Drive Notcher

    • Model: 1010LM-AP
    • Max. Capacity: 18GA Mild Steel
    • Heads: (1) RH Corner, (1) LH Corner, (3) “V” Notch and TDF
    • Working height: 31”
    • Notching Depth Range: 0 to 11/4” or 0 to 11/2″
    • Air Requirements: 2 CFM at 100 PSI
    • Approx. Shipping Weight: 1,300 lbs
    • Cleaned and Painted

    Used TDF Notching heads INCLUDED!

    Stock# 6390

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty

  • Engel TDF Rollformer optional clipEngel TDF Rollformer Model HB-1640-WT

    Engel TDF Rollformers

    Engel TDF Rollformers model HB-1640 TDF and HB-1246 TDF have 16 and 12 forming stations respectively to produce an integral flange on straight ductwork and fittings.

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    16 & 12 Forming Stations
    Models: HB-1640 TDF & HB-1246 TDF
  • Engel TDF-V 16 Station Rollformer

    Engel 16 Station TDF Rollformer

    Engel TDF-V16, 16 Station TDF Rollformer is the only transverse duct connector machine on the market certified to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25b based on actual laboratory tests across the full range of water gauges.

    Model: TDF-V 16

    16GA Transverse Duct Flange
    Model: TDF-V16
  • Standing s Cleat rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Roll Forming machine contains 10 forming stations.
    Model: M-S-5-10

    10 Stations
    Model: M-S-5-10
  • S-Cleat & Drive Cleat

    Engel S-Cleat & Drive Cleat Rollformer

    Engel S-Cleat & Drive Cleat Rollformer is an Eight (8) station Snaplock Rollformer for “S” and Drive mounted inboard.

    Model HB-825

    Capacity: S-Cleat (22-26GA)
    Model HB-825