Power Swaging/Rotary Machine

Empire Machinery offers quality by Em-Pro as well as pre-owned rotary machines.

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For reducing the cross section of a tube, wire or bar to a specific cross section, resulting in an increase in length, you will need swaging machines. But don’t confuse swaging with crimping, segmented swaging machines or other pointing methods that won’t achieve the same accuracy or surface quality that the swaging machinery process can.

Applying the dies to the workpiece with short strokes and high frequencies of kinetic energy, swaging machinery can use its forming forces to create something brand new! Through multiple impacts of the dies, swaging machines apply the forming forces radially. Using elevated temperatures on your swaging machines is recommended for materials that have high tensile strength. Hot swaging is very useful for tapering on both tubes and solid work where long swage reductions or tapers are required. Hot swaging machines are perfect for some metals like tungsten and other brazing materials. Some special swage machinery are available that have cool or heating components for certain resistant alloys.

Our swaging machines can be equipped with optional efficient handling equipment for various applications. Some variant parts we offer with our swaging machines are; manual accessories, water jacket systems, oil flushing and manual to automatic feeders.