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Rotary Machines

Empire Machinery & Tools offers quality new hand operated & power rotary / swaging machines and roll sets by Brown Boggs, Em-Pro and Tennsmith as well as pre-owned rotary machines.

In the sheet metal world of pipes and fittings, there is a machine that is a staple in all shops. It is known by many names, some of which originated in North America and some in Europe. In Canada and the US, we know them as Rotary Machines, Edgers, Beaders, Crimpers or Turning Machines. In Europe, they are known as Swaging or Bordering and Trimming Machines, with Swaging being the most common. We will refer to them as Rotary/Swaging machines for this article.

A Rotary/Swaging machine is a device usually used for adding a profile to the end of a metal tube or sleeve. It consists of two driven rollers, one which has the positive or male shape, and the other has the negative or female shape. These rollers are interchangeable and come in all different configurations to match the required profile. To operate, the tube or sleeve is placed between the rollers, then the upper shaft is brought down either manually or by means of a top shaft control which could be either pneumatic or hydraulic. Once the upper roll makes contact with the material, the driven rolls start the tube or sleeve in motion. As the rollers pull the material around, the upper roller is moved down gradually in steps, and the profile of the rolls is formed into the material.

Rotary or Swaging machines come in various shapes and sizes, from bench mounted light gauge units for residential duct work and cladding applications, all the way up to 10 Ga Power Rotary/Swaging machines for heavy duty industrial applications. The majority of the work falls somewhere in between, and that is where our EM-PRO EMT-7R shines. The EMT-7R is the leader in its field with thousands of very satisfied customers that have from 1 to 15 of the same machine operating in their shop. The important things to consider when purchasing a Rotary/Swaging is how it is built, ease of use, capacity of the machine, available options, and what variety of rolls are available to make sure that it can cover off all the applications you have.