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Hydraulic Shears

Empire Machinery offers a variety of new hydraulic shears by Durma, Em-Pro, Tennsmith as well as pre-owned shears.

  • Tennsmith Air Operated-Pneumatic Shears

    Tennsmith Hydraulic Shear

    Model: 52H

    52-1/4" x 16GA
  • Em-Pro Hydraulic Shears

    Em-Pro Hydraulic Shears

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    52" to 122" (14GA to 10GA)
  • sbt-series-shear-new

    Durma Hydraulic SBT Series Shears

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    Swing Beam with Blade Gap
  • BackgaugeDurma VS Series shear

    Durma Hydraulic VS Series Shears

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    Variable Rake & Blade Gap
  • Used Maximart Model H5214 Hydraulic Shear

    Used Maximart Model H-5214 Hydraulic Shear

    Used Maximart Model H-5214 Hydraulic Shear

    • Maximum Cutting Length – 52″
    • Serial #: 12486
    • Capacity – 14GA Mild Steel
    • High Carbon, High Chrome Alloy – Tool Steel Blades
    • 4-Edge Bottom Blade – 2-Edge Top Blade
    • 24″ Rack & Pinion Backgauge
    • Finger Guard
    • Includes Front Support Arms
    • Electrics: 220V 3PH 60Hz; 3HP
    • Shipping Weight – 1800 lbs.
    • Very Good Condition

    Stock# 7730

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty

  • Promecam 10FT 3/8” Hydraulic Shear

    Used Promecam 10FT 3/8” Hydraulic Shear

    Used Promecam 10FT 3/8” Hydraulic Shear

    • Model: GH1030Z
    • Capacity: 10FT 3/8”
    • Includes
      – New Set of Shear Blades
      – Front Operated Power Backgauge
      – Blade Gap and Rake Angle Adjustment
      – Cut Length Control
    • Electrics: 440V 3PH 60Hz
    • Very Good Condition

    Stock# 7702

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty

  • AccuShear 10FT 10GA Hydraulic Shear

    Used AccuShear 10FT 10GA Hydraulic Shear

    Used AccuShear 10FT 10GA Hydraulic Shear

    • Model: 6135
    • Serial #: 8183
    • Capacity: 10FT 10GA
    • Includes
      – Front Operated Power Back Gauge
      – Blade Gap Adjustment
    • Electrics: 575V 3PH 60Hz
    • Very Good Condition

    Stock# 7008

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty

  • Used Haco 13FT 1/2″ Hydraulic ShearUsed Haco 13FT 1/2″ Hydraulic Shear

    Used Haco 13FT 1/2” Hydraulic Shear

    Used Haco 13FT 1/2″ Hydraulic Shear

    • Model: HSLX 4013
    • Serial #: 68879
    • Capacity (Thickness): 1/2″-13mm
    • Cut Length: 13.28″ –4050 mm
    • Includes an extra set of blades
    • Year 1997
    • Electrics: 575V 3PH 60Hz; 30HP
    • Good Working Condition
    • Price Reduced!

    Stock# 6959

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty


Hydraulic shears, also known as squaring shears, power shears or more commonly in Europe a guillotine, can be a great asset to any shop when you require high-performance metal cutting to help you increase your production efficiency. Hydraulic shears operate by means of a hydraulic pump and cylinders and some form of mechanical advantage. Plainly put, a shear is a machine that separates sheets of metal into blank sizes for further processing. Hydraulic shears work by placing the material needing to be cut on the bed or table of the shear and the material is then slid between the upper and lower blades. When the cutting process begins the material is clamped to the bed of the shear with either a solid hold-down bar or feet to secure it against possible slipping. Then the angled upper beam that holds the moveable blade if forced downward and the material is cut very much the same way a set of scissors cuts a piece of paper.