Pittsburgh Rollformers

Empire Machinery offers a variety of new pittsburgh rollformers by U.S. Manufacturer Flagler and Lockformer. Empire also stocks pre-owned pittsburgh rollformers.

  • Flagler Junior Pittsburgh

    Flagler Junior Pittsburgh Rollformer

    Flagler Junior Pittsburgh Completely portable, the 24GA Junior can be handled by one person and plugged into an ordinary 115V outlet.

    Model: 24 Junior

    Capacity: 24GA or lighter
    Model: 24 Junior
  • Flagler Standard Pittsburgh

    Flagler Standard Pittsburgh Rollformer

    Standard Pittsburgh Rollformers with 20GA capacity are built-in with extended shafts for one set of auxiliary rolls. 

    Model: 20 Standard

    Capacity: 20GA or lighter
    Model: 20 Standard
  • Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh

    Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Rollformers

    Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Rollformers with 18GA and 16GA mild steel capacity.
    Models: 16 & 18 Heavy Duty Pittsburgh

    Capacity: 16GA & 18GA
    Models: 16 & 18 Heavy Duty
  • lockformer 14-16-18ga pittsburgh rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers with 14GA, 16GA and 18GA mild steel capacity have 7 forming stations with two forming positions.
    Models: 14, 16 & 18

    Capacity: 14GA, 16GA & 18GA
    Models: 14, 16 & 18