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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!


Empire Machinery offers a wide variety of rollformers – S-Cleat, TDF, buttonlock, pittsburgh, hem and kick, roofing and metal building and more by Flagler, Lockformer and Engel. Empire also stocks used rollformers.

  • Flagler Junior Pittsburgh

    Flagler Junior Pittsburgh Rollformer

    Flagler Junior Pittsburgh Completely portable, the 24GA Junior can be handled by one person and plugged into an ordinary 115V outlet.

    Model: 24 Junior

    Capacity: 24GA or lighter
    Model: 24 Junior
  • Flagler Standard Pittsburgh

    Flagler Standard Pittsburgh Rollformer

    Standard Pittsburgh Rollformers with 20GA capacity are built-in with extended shafts for one set of auxiliary rolls. 

    Model: 20 Standard

    Capacity: 20GA or lighter
    Model: 20 Standard
  • Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh

    Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Rollformers

    Flagler Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Rollformers with 18GA and 16GA mild steel capacity.
    Models: 16 & 18 Heavy Duty Pittsburgh

    Capacity: 16GA & 18GA
    Models: 16 & 18 Heavy Duty
  • lockformer 14-16-18ga pittsburgh rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers

    Lockformer Pittsburgh Rollformers with 14GA, 16GA and 18GA mild steel capacity have 7 forming stations with two forming positions.
    Models: 14, 16 & 18

    Capacity: 14GA, 16GA & 18GA
    Models: 14, 16 & 18
  • Flagler High Speed 20-30GA Button Lock

    Flagler High Speed Buttonlock Rollformer

    Flagler 20 High Speed Buttonlock Rollformer is the only machine in the market that can form 20-30GA galvanized steel at 100 fpm. This machine features inboard female button lock and outboard male button lock rolls.

    Model: 20 High Speed Button Lock

    Capacity: 20-30GA Galv. Steel at 100fpm
    Model: 20 High Speed Buttonlock
  • Engel TDF Rollformer optional clipEngel TDF Rollformer Model HB-1640-WT

    Engel TDF Rollformers

    Engel TDF Rollformers model HB-1640 TDF and HB-1246 TDF have 16 and 12 forming stations respectively to produce an integral flange on straight ductwork and fittings.

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    16 & 12 Forming Stations
    Models: HB-1640 TDF & HB-1246 TDF
  • Engel TDF-V 16 Station Rollformer

    Engel 16 Station TDF Rollformer

    Engel TDF-V16, 16 Station TDF Rollformer is the only transverse duct connector machine on the market certified to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25b based on actual laboratory tests across the full range of water gauges.

    Model: TDF-V 16

    16GA Transverse Duct Flange
    Model: TDF-V16
  • Engel TDF Rollformer optional clipLockformer tdc-v16 rollformer

    Lockformer TDC Rollformer

    Lockformer TDC Rollformer model TDC-V16 has 12 forming stations and produces TDC flanges from 18 to 26 ga. at speeds of up to 50 feet per minute!

    Model: TDC-V16

    12 Forming Stations
    Model: TDC-V16
  • Standing s Cleat rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Rollformer

    Engel Standing “S” Cleat Roll Forming machine contains 10 forming stations.
    Model: M-S-5-10

    10 Stations
    Model: M-S-5-10
  • lockformer Standing S Cleat Machine

    Lockformer Standing “S” Cleat Rollformer

    Lockformer Standing “S” Cleat Rollformer, in just one pass, form a shape that combines a conventional “S” cleat with a standing seam for greater strength and rigidity.

    10 Stations
  • S-Cleat & Drive Cleat

    Engel S-Cleat & Drive Cleat Rollformer

    Engel S-Cleat & Drive Cleat Rollformer is an Eight (8) station Snaplock Rollformer for “S” and Drive mounted inboard.

    Model HB-825

    Capacity: S-Cleat (22-26GA)
    Model HB-825
  • Lockformer Triplex Cleatformer

    Lockformer Triplex Cleatformer

    With 9 forming stations, the Lockformer Triplex Cleatformer can form 20-28 gauge sheet metal into ‘S’ and drive cleats on the inboard forming positions and up to 12 auxiliary roll set profiles on the outboard forming positions at speeds averaging 100 fpm.

    S-Cleat (22-28GA), Drive Cleat (20-28GA)
  • Flagler Hem and Kick Machine

    Flagler Hem and Kick Rollformer

    • Capacity: 24-28GA Prepainted
    • Speed: 60 fpm
    • 7 Stations
    • Motor: 2HP; 230/460V 3PH 60Hz; 1800 rpm
    • Shipping Weight: 700 lbs
    • Extended shafts for auxiliary tooling
    • Dimensions: 56″ x 24″ x 40″ high

    Made in the USA

    1 Year Parts Warranty Capacity: 24-28GA Prepainted
  • Flagler S-Lock Machine

    Flagler S-Lock (Duct Flange) Rollformer

    Flagler S-Lock (Duct Flange) Rollformer designed for the 1″ S-Lock profile on 22GA and lighter prepainted steel.

    Model: S-Lock

    Capacity: 24-28GA Prepainted
    Model: S-Lock
  • Used Lockformer Rollformer - Model 8900 Cleatformer

    Used Lockformer S-Cleat Rollformer

    Used Lockformer Rollformer – Model 8900 Cleatformer

    • Model: 8900
    • Serial #: 8368
    • Capacity: 22 – 28GA for “S” Cleat
    • Width of “S” Cleat: 1 1/16″
    • Forming Speed: 100 FPM – Approx.
    • Includes:
      – Auxiliary 20GA Pittsburgh Rolls
      – Drive Cleat Rolls
    • Motor: 5 HP
    • Electrics: 575V 3PH 60Hz
    • Dimensions: 60″ x 24″ x 40″
    • Weight: 900 lbs. approx.
    • Good Working Condition

    Stock# 7787C

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty