Press Brake Accessories

Empire Machinery & Tools offers new & pre-owned press brakes accessories including clamping systems, tips and holders, magnetic square arms, crowning devices, brake film rolls and Roto-Die safety lights by Wilson Tools and Roto-Die at competitive prices.

  • ROBOformER - RobotROBOformER - Robotic bending cell

    Salvagnini ROBOformER – Robotic Bending Cell

    ROBOformER is Salvagnini’s production proven, fully automated press brake cell that picks up blanks, performs the required bends and stacks the finished product. With Roboformer, Salvagnini combines automation with manufacturing flexibility to provide high, unattended throughput.

    Payload 16 Kg to 210 Kg
  • ExpressRail Clamping System

    Wilson Tool ExpressRail Clamping System

    Wilson Tool ExpressRail Clamping System for Press Brakes

  • Replacement Tips and Holders

    Wilson Tool Replacement Tips and Holders

    Empire Machinery now stocks Wilson Tool’s radius tool holders with replaceable tips, so you can spend less and bend more. We have expanded our offerings to give you more options, and with a variety of sizes in stock, as usual, you can count on a quick delivery.

  • PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System

    Wilson Tool PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System

    Wilson Tool PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System Clamps and Seats in One Easy Step, Compatible with Virtually any American Style Tooling and
    Modular Design Makes Installation a Snap.

  • Wilson Express Clamping System

    Wilson Tool Express Clamping System

    Wilson Tool Express Clamping System loads Punches in a Snap, unload punches Quickly and Easily.

  • Magnetic Squaring Arm

    Magnetic Squaring Arm

    Magnetic Squaring Arm is a tool that has the potential to pay for itself in the first run of any production. This tool mounts right onto the face of your press brake tooling by means of magnets.

  • Press Brake Crowning Device

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    150 Ton to 1000 Ton
  • Digit2000 Digital Backgauge Indicator

    Digit 2000 is a universal digital retrofit kit, which is designed to measure the backgauge of any linear movements more easily and more accurately, regardless of the brand name or size and can be used with motorized or manual backgauges. The benefits also include precise cuts regardless of the lead screw’s wear and tear. The measuring will be displayed on a large and easy to see LED display which is used for most applications where space and budget is limited but precision is paramount.

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  • Roto-Die Safety Lights

    Roto-Die Safety Lights

    Empire is pleased to offer a Roto Die Safety Light Package “Do-It-Yourself Kit”. With step by step instructions and illustrations adding this package to your Roto Die is a breeze.

    made in the usa

    Do-It-Yourself Kit
  • brake film roll

    Brake Film Roll

    Braking Pre-painted & Stainless Steel?

    Protect dies & material from scratching with Brake Film. Cut to length – tape to the dies – each strip multiple uses!
    No-Mar Press Brake Die Film eliminates die marking and labour intensive polishing and finishing costs. Empire’s urethane No Mar Film is most often used for bending aluminum, pre-painted metals and stainless steel.

    Empire stocks No Mar Film in 4” wide x .015” thick x 100 FT long rolls.

    Wider and thicker film is available.

    4” x 100’ x .015