Hydraulic Press Brakes

Empire Machinery & Tools offers a variety of new hydraulic press brakes by Durma and Roto-Die as well as pre-owned hydraulic .

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About Press Brakes

The most common hydraulic press brakes are manufactured today operate with synchronized hydraulic cylinders that are moved by means of servo proportional valves that offer finite tonnage control of the ram. The ram movement is monitored by pressing linear scales mounted on both sides of the frame of the brake. These scales measure exactly where the ram is at all times and send this information back to the CNC control that determines where the ram needs to end up to achieve the programmed angle in the finished part. Also, a very important job of the brake’s linear scales is the control of the speed changes of the ram. To be as productive as possible, the ram needs to move from the TDC (Top Dead Centre) point at a high rate of speed, then slow to the bending speed about ¼” above the material being bent, and then the final pressing speed which is the key to getting the +/- .0004” repeatability at the bottom of the bend. The CNC control is the brains of the machine and allows the operator to make adjustments to compensate for spring back and variations in different material types. Even the direction of the grain of the material will make a difference in how the material bends, so it is critical the operator is able to make pressing corrections on the fly to achieve the exact results they are expecting.

Multi-axis CNC (computer numerical control) back gauges are a standard feature on most pneumatic press brakes used in production environments today. These computerized back gauge systems can be programmed to automatically move repeatedly between bends when making complex parts at high rates of speed to ensure high productivity. Back gauges on press braking machines can be as simple as a single X-axis (which is the in and out the movement of the back-gauge fingers) all the way up to a multi-axis option with the addition of R and Z axes. (R axis is the up and down movement of the fingers, and Z-axis is the left to right movement of the fingers.) This can be taken a step further with independent X1/X2, R1/R2 and Z1/Z2 movements to allow for forming parts with tapered or stepped bends.

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Press Brake Safety

Press brakes sold in Canada today must have a minimum level of safety, and follow the CSA Z142 “Code for power press operation: Health, safety, and brake press safeguarding requirements”. Safety begins with what is referred to as safety lights or light curtains. The safety lights allow for the movement of the ram to be easily stopped at any time and are triggered by a break in the beam which detects something foreign, i.e. an operator’s hand, in the line of the ram brakes motion. This safety automation reduces any potential danger to the operator using the machine.


Tooling is the next part of the puzzle when looking at a new or used pneumatic press brake. Press brakes can be used effectively for a multitude of forming jobs, but it all depends on getting the right punch and die design for your project, and matching that to the brake press machine you need. The marriage of the right punch and die set to the right pneumatic press brake will guarantee you will be creating successful forms on all of your workpieces. Whether you need European or American style tooling, Empire is the one-stop-shop for all your tooling needs, no matter what branded breaks you have.

Additional Options

Empire currently offers new hydraulic press brakes from Durma, in addition to the used press brakes, we also have in stock. Please click on the links below to get further specification details on each series we offer. Our Sales Team is ready to assist you in with any questions you may have, as we want you to get the right hydraulic machine and tooling for your needs. We measure our success by helping to make your business more successful! Hydraulic or pneumatic products, knowing the builder of these products will help a ton when finding a hydraulic press brake on sale.