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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!

Press Brakes

Empire Machinery offers a wide selection of new and used hydraulic press brakes, clamping systems, rolla-v press brake tooling, tool replacement tips and holders, magnetic squaring arms, industrial press brake tool storage, crowning devices, safety lights, backgauge retrofits and no-mar press brake die film. Empire represents many of the leading manufacturers like Durma, Roto-Die, Wilson Tool, Rolla-V and Automec. Empire also stocks used press brakes and tooling.

  • R-series press brakesR-series press brakes-

    Durma Hydraulic AD-R Series “Job Shop” Press Brakes

    Durma AD-R Series Hydraulic Press Brakes from 44 Ton to 440 Ton (4FT to 20FT). 

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    44 Ton to 440 Ton (4FT to 20FT ) Press Brakes
  • durma press brakes s seriesdurma-press-brakes-s-series-new

    Durma Hydraulic AD-S Series “Precision” Press Brakes

    Durma AD-S Series Hydraulic Press Brakes from 44 Ton to 440 Ton (4FT to 20FT) 

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    44 Ton to 440 Ton (4FT to 20FT) Press Brakes
  • Durma e-series press brake

    Durma Electrical AD-ES Series Servo Press Brakes

    Durma AD-ES Series Electrical Press Brakes with Tonnage ranging from 44 Ton to 66 Ton and Bending Length from 49″ to 100″. 

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    44 Ton to 66 Ton (49" to 100") Press Brakes
  • Digit2000 Digital Backgauge Indicator

    Digit 2000 is a universal digital retrofit kit, which is designed to measure the backgauge of any linear movements more easily and more accurately, regardless of the brand name or size and can be used with motorized or manual backgauges. The benefits also include precise cuts regardless of the lead screw’s wear and tear. The measuring will be displayed on a large and easy to see LED display which is used for most applications where space and budget is limited but precision is paramount.

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  • Roto-Die Hydraulic Brake backRoto-Die Hydraulic Brake

    Roto-Die Hydraulic Benders

    Roto-Die 6FT, 10FT and 12FT Hydraulic Benders (Brakes) with 10GA, 14GA and 16GA Mild Steel Capacities.
    Models: 10, 15 and 15/12

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    6FT to 12FT (16GA to 10GA) Brakes
    Models: 10, 15 and 15/12
  • ExpressRail Clamping System

    Wilson Tool ExpressRail Clamping System

    Wilson Tool ExpressRail Clamping System for Press Brakes

  • Replacement Tips and Holders

    Wilson Tool Replacement Tips and Holders

    Empire Machinery now stocks Wilson Tool’s radius tool holders with replaceable tips, so you can spend less and bend more. We have expanded our offerings to give you more options, and with a variety of sizes in stock, as usual, you can count on a quick delivery.

  • PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System

    Wilson Tool PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System

    Wilson Tool PowerExpress Hydraulic Clamping System Clamps and Seats in One Easy Step, Compatible with Virtually any American Style Tooling and
    Modular Design Makes Installation a Snap.

  • Wilson Express Clamping System

    Wilson Tool Express Clamping System

    Wilson Tool Express Clamping System loads Punches in a Snap, unload punches Quickly and Easily.

  • Magnetic Squaring Arm

    Magnetic Squaring Arm

    Magnetic Squaring Arm is a tool that has the potential to pay for itself in the first run of any production. This tool mounts right onto the face of your press brake tooling by means of magnets.

  • Press Brake - Tooling - rolla-vPress Brake - Tooling - rolla-v

    Rolla-V Press Brake Tooling

    Rolla-V Press Brake Tooling is Patented Forming Technology for “Perfect” Bends.

  • Industrial Tool Storage

    Industrial Tool Storage

    Press Brake Tooling Storage (European or American) and ….

    • Industrial Tool Storage
    • Turret Punch Tool Storage
    • Changeover Carts for Pressbrakes and Turret Tooling
    • General Storage
    • Mechanics Tool Storage
    • Many Styles and Configurations Available


    1 Year Warranty
  • Press Brake Crowning Device

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    150 Ton to 1000 Ton
  • Roto-Die Safety Lights

    Roto-Die Safety Lights

    Empire is pleased to offer a Roto Die Safety Light Package “Do-It-Yourself Kit”. With step by step instructions and illustrations adding this package to your Roto Die is a breeze.

    made in the usa

    Do-It-Yourself Kit
  • Automec Backgauge Retrofits

    Hurco S4 Upgrade

Press brakes are metalworking machines used for bending sheet metal and other plate material to required angles or shapes. Bends are commonly achieved by capturing the workpiece between a male V punch and female V die set. The motion of the upper punch forcing the material into the lower die gives you a resulting bend in the material being formed. Angles are determined by the depth that the upper punch travels into the lower die.

The press brake has been a staple in the metal fabrication industry for years, and has evolved to become more efficient with intuitive controls, increased ram speeds, higher accuracy, and more dynamic back gauge configurations, all while being much safer for the operators running the machine. Multi-axis back gauges provide the benefit of forming more complex parts much easier, while also being more efficient. From a single CNC controlled single X axis to a full six axes back gauge with various back gauge finger options to ensure the parts are being formed accurately, the options available are almost limitless.

Press brakes are available in several types including mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, hybrid, or servo-electric. The pneumatic and servo-electric machines work well in lower tonnage situations, and the hydraulic machines are currently the most popular option available due to their higher tonnage options, reliability, low energy requirements, and additional safety features.

When looking at purchasing a press brake, it is important to know what options you will need to meet your specific needs, including the bending force and length, stroke length, table height, and width, as well as the speed of the upper beam. The floor space you have available, as well as the layout of your other pieces of equipment, should also be considered to ensure a smooth workflow of material in your building.

In addition, it is imperative to know what tooling options you will need to form the metal to the required final result, as that can be a factor in finding the type of machine you need. If you are replacing an existing press brake with a newer model, taking the time to confirm that your current tooling will still work is time well spent. There are also differences between European and American style tooling that will need to be considered, as well as the possibility of needing an adapter to get you the correct result.
Our expert Sales Team can help you navigate through the many options available in the wide world of press brakes. Please contact us directly so that we can help you make the best decision possible to meet your requirements for efficiency, speed, size and price options – we can find the right press brake for you!