Rolling Head Pinspotters

Empire Machinery offers new rolling head pinspotters by Duro Dyne and Gripnail as well as pre-owned rolling head pinspotters.

  • Duro Dyne Rolling Head Pinspotter

    Duro Dyne Rolling Head Pinspotter

    Model RH MACH II

    5FT Throat
  • Gripnail 7105 Rapid Fire rolling Head Welder

    Gripnail Rolling Head Pinspotter

    Model: 7105 Rapid Fire

    The PowerPinner Glider 7105 Rapid Fire features simple, reliable electronic controls and a high output transformer that will fasten 1/2″ to 2″ pins to 16-26 gauge sheet metal without changing bowls for 2″ pins.

    7105 Rapid Fire; Fastens 1/2" to 2" pins to 16-26GA