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Panel Benders

Empire Machinery offers Electric Panel Benders P1, P2lean and P4 across Canada manufactured by Salvagnini.

  • p1 electric panel bender

    Salvagnini P1 Electric Panel Bender

    P1 is the electric panel bender that Salvagnini is offering as an alternative to traditional bending. Developed to fit in 86 sqft, designed to produce with just 3 kW and equipped with patented bending kinematics, P1 is the ideal solution for companies working with cell production.

    62" L x 39.4" W (Incoming Sheet)
  • p2lean panel bender

    Salvagnini P2lean Compact Panel Bender

    If you’re looking for a stand-alone machine able to satisfy your bending needs, Salvagnini P2lean panel bender is your best choice: intuitive enough to work independently, able to efficiently produce a large variety of parts. Totally automatic bending.

    98.23" L x 63" W (Incoming Sheet)
  • p4 panel benders

    Salvagnini P4 Automatic Panel Benders

    Each P4 panel forming center works with universal bending tools that require no machine stops or set-up times. With over 30 years of experience, Salvagnini offers the very widest range of panel benders.

    Refer “Specification” section to see the detail of all the models.
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    98.2"L x 60"W to 137"L x 60"W (Incoming Sheet)