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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!

Duct (HVAC) Notchers

Empire Machinery offers new duct / HVAC notchers by Em-Pro, Ruoff and Engel as well as pre-owned duct notchers.

  • Ruoff Power Notcher applicationsRuoff Power Notcher

    Ruoff Power Notcher

    Ruoff Automatic Power Notcher is fast, simple and flexible notcher for the Heating, Air Conditioning and Sign Industry.

    It is designed for punching various shapes, along the edge of sheet material. It's capacity is 16GA Mild Steel and 20GA Stainless Steel.

    16GA Mild Steel
  • Em-Pro Power 20GA Edge Notcher

    Em-Pro Power Edge Notcher

    The Em-Pro Power 20GA Edge Notcher will “slot-notch” metal up to a maximum of 20GA. Ideal for starting collars for ductwork or standing seam for fittings.

    Shown with optional stand

    Capacity: 20GA (Mild Steel)
  • Lockformer TDC Notcher

    Lockformer TDC Notcher

    Lockformer TDC 10FT 16GA Notcher comes standard with 5 notching heads and used for fast and accurate gang notching of duct blanks.

    10FT 16GA
  • Lockformer Speednotch TDC notcher Model 16

    Lockformer Speednotch TDC Notcher

    Lockformer Speednotch 10FT 16GA TDC Notcher allows you to gang-notch sheet metal hydraulically up to 600% faster than by hand, without layout or scribing.

    Model: 16

    10FT 16GA
    Model: 16
  • Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    Used Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    Used Engel 4FT 18GA Air Operated Duct Notcher

    • Model: 4LM-P
    • Serial #: 5050-1-76
    • Capacity: 18GA
    • Notch Depth: 1-1/4″
    • 5 Heads (2 Corners, 3 “V”)
    • Dimensions: 60″ x 48″x 48″
    • Weight: 550 lbs
    • Good Condition

    Stock# 7907

    30-Day Used Equipment Warranty