Laser Cutting Tables

Empire Machinery offers Fiber Lasers manufactured by Salvagnini and Alpha Lazers across Canada.

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Laser cutting has come a long way since the first laser cutting machine was developed in 1965.  The fiber laser process involves using a beam of light that is directed through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head, which is then focused through the cutting head toward the material. The intensity of the beam allows the machine to cut materials with extreme precision, and the CNC (computer numerical control) feature is used to direct the beam as required onto the material. Fiber lasers offer high speed cutting of materials with greater energy efficiency and reduced maintenance and operating costs in comparison to older laser cutting technology. Laser cutters can provide you with that special finesse option for your cutting requirements when you need both low operating cost and high quality cuts.

Laser cutting has made the cutting of tight tolerance parts much more efficient with higher processing speeds, but this is only part of the equation. The addition of flexible automation for material handling to store and load raw material onto the table and unload the cut parts afterwards allows the laser to be much more efficient. The automation can be very flexible to meet the demands of any shop’s production volumes.

Salvagnini’s and Alpha Lazer’s lines of automated fiber lasers provides excellent quality, flexibility, and reliability. Empire Machinery & Tools Ltd. is extremely pleased to be working with them to provide their family of laser machine tools to all of our customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their fiber lasers have been developed with years of shop-floor experience, and they are committed to minimum energy consumption to further assist your business with achieving high profitability. 

The automation offered by Salvagnini and Alpha Lazer help take full advantage of the fiber lasers processing speeds by automating the loading and unloading of material. The automation provides the ability to sort parts for downstream processing in bending, either through a panel bender or press brake.

Please check out the full specifications for the L3, L5, SL, M-Series and 3D fiber laser cutting machines in the links above. Each machine can operate as a stand-alone, or part of an automated system. Our Sales team can assist with any questions you may in finding the perfect fit for your shop.