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If it bends it, cuts it, punches it, joins it or rolls it, we sell it!

Cheek Benders

Empire Machinery offers the U.S. made Tennsmith cheek benders.

  • cheek-bender

    Tennsmith Cheek Bender

    Tennsmith Cheek Bender bends up to 24″ (2FT) with 20GA Mild Steel Capacity.

    Model DS24-20

    Maximum Bending: 24”
    Model DS24-20
  • Em-Pro Cheek Benders-workpeiceEm-Pro Cheek Benders

    Em-Pro Cheek Bender

    Em-Pro Cheek Bender is the The ONLY Power Cheek Bender on the market that allows you to turn both 90 degree bends on the inside throat of your elbows at the same time! Bends Length 24″ x 24″ with 18GA Mild Steel Capacity.

    Model: JL-24-LCB

    18GA; Bending Length: 24” x 24"
    Model JL-24-LCB