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Sneak Peak of AHR Expo 2018

For those folks out there that say that trade shows are dead, they did not attend AHR 2018 in Chicago this week.  It was a busy week with record high attendance and a level of optimism that I have not seen in a while.

On the machinery side of things, there were a few machines that caught my eye. If you are in the market for a clinching machine that will clinch small round tubes to work with automated elbow machines then Norlok has the answer for you.

Mestek Machinery had a full booth of amazing machines but their 1.5kw laser was the one that peaked my attention and it’s the one that could change the way high volume shops make fittings.

Spiral Helix’s 3600 Tubeformer now is available in three different packages starting at their standard package then, their PRO high speed unit and topping out the line up with their Heavy Gauge model with 16 Ga. capacity.  All are upgradeable from the standard platform.

For these and many other labour saving machines, call us and let us help you solve your production problems.