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Rick’s Notes From Fabtech

There was an air of optimism at the Fabtech Show held recently in Atlanta, GA. There were fewer overseas exhibitors and the show was smaller but the aisles were packed with people in both the welding and the fabricating halls and when talking to many of the exhibitors they mentioned numerous times that the number and quality of leads were above what they were expecting regardless of the recession.

Many of the laser manufacturers are saying that the new up and coming technology in the world of lasers is in fiber optics. Bystronic showed their NEW BySprint Fiber Optic Laser which when cutting thinner material (1/8” and down) cut operating costs in about half to approximately $4 per hour compared to $8 to $12 on the conventional lasers.

DURMA has introduced a new series of Press brake which will give users all the features of a production brake at an economical price. DURMA have also introduced a new NC Control for their plate rolls which makes the cost of production four roll plate rollers much more affordable. Call Empire for detailed quotes!

With the continuing strong Canadian dollar, Empire has seen a marked increase in orders for larger pieces of equipment especially in the metal fabrication industry. Based on this and the activity at the show I am optimistic as we head into 2011!

Rick McLean
Sales Manger