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Press Brakes vs CNC folders

Press Brakes vs CNC folders

Like press brakes, CNC folders are also used for the bending of sheet metal. Although all of the forming that these machines perform can be done in a press brake, a folder makes the process much simpler for specific applications like panels, boxes or pans, flashing, etc.  The typical application for a folder is most times limited to thinner materials.

The folder clamps or pinches material between an upper nose bar which can either be a solid bar or segmented fingers. Once clamped, the lower “beam” swings upward folding the material along the length of the part being formed.  This process provides for the most accuracy in forming as any blank inaccuracy is formed into the first flange folded and working from one gauged position, the critical dimensions are typically the inside of the box being formed.  The material is precisely gauged from a back gauge located within or upon the support table.

The biggest money saving factor when thinking of purchasing a CNC folder is the fact that working with light gauge material with the majority of the material being supported at the rear of the machine, a two person press brake operation becomes a one person folder operation.

Materials that can be processed on a folder: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass

Empire Machinery sells both Press Brakes and CNC folders  from various manufacturers like Alpmac, Em-Pro, Roper Whitney and Tennsmith. Machines are in-stock in its warehouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. Contact us today to get a quote!





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