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Oh “Sei” have you seen this…

If you are travelling through the Vancouver Airport and have the opportunity to visit McArthur Designer Outlet Mall you will surely notice the 7,902 lb sculpture entitled ” Sei” that is the center piece of the  of the open area of the outdoor mall. “Sei” is the name the Norwegians use to describe a type of baleen whale that the sculpture depicts.

A recent article in the February, 2016 issue of Canadian Industrial Machinery touches on how this sculpture took shape from the idea of artist Michael Yahgulanaas to the 158″ tall sculpted whale made of mirrored stainless steel and copper emerges from the ground.

The company that took on the task of delivering this work of art is Reggin Industries Inc, in Calgary, Alberta. Reggin specializes in stainless architecture work and with the use of 3D modeling and lean manufacturing practices it allowed Reggin Industries to complete the project on tight time frame. The mall had a firm opening date in June of 2012 and Reggin was brought on board for the project in February of the same year.

Some creative ideas, such as using a shipping frame that delivered the project from Calgary to Vancouver were used as reference points during the construction of the sculpture on site to compare against the 3D model to ensure the assembly was going according to plan.

Amidst all the oil related news we here on the news from Alberta there are several bright and thriving businesses doing great work within the province. The full article by Sue Roberts can be found online at this link.