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No More Bottlenecks!

Striker - Pneumatic BenderI have been in many shops and have witnessed first hand stacks of straight duct waiting to be bent while someone is bending up square to round blanks on a Roto Die or handbrake. I am glad to tell you the wait is over. Empire is pleased to introduce “The Striker”, a simple pneumatic bender that allows you to bend up square to round parts in seconds rather than minutes when doing it on a handbrake. All your square to rounds can now be made in two pieces rather than four. “The Striker” comes in two models for either 16 Ga or 22 Ga material and requires nothing more than an air line to operate. Its ergonomic design is compact and comfortable to operate. Come and try it at our open house Thursday April 18th from 11am to 5pm.

Rick McLean
Sales Manager