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New at Empire – JS1 Solid State Welding System

JS-1 Solid Sate Welding SystemCustomers are telling me that they get less weld failure form the JS1 than from any other resistance welders.

If you do any insulating, pin or stud welding then the model JS-1 could be one of the most valuable and economical tools in your shop. The JS-1is suited for most commercial and industrial applications.

The Model JS-1 Welding System is a versatile, solid state, portable pin and stud welding system designed for a variety of fastening applications. It was developed for welding from 14Ga. pins through to 1/4 – 20 studs and is perfect for welding Cupped Head Pins for the insulation industry. The JS-1 uses a method called initial contact Capacitor Discharge (CD) welding. The welding system consists of a power pack, a lightweight weld gun, gun lead extension and ground lead, complete with a ground clamp.

The system is capable of making up to 16 welds per minute to low carbon, stainless and galvanized steel, as well as too many aluminum and copper alloys. The power pack provides the source of energy and all the necessary controls for the welding process. It also has a circuit to automatically discharge the weld capacitors through a resistor when the AC line switch is placed in the “OFF” position.

The weld gun has a contoured, pistol shaped handle with a trigger button. As a safety feature JS-1 is designed so that the stud or pin must be in contact with the work piece before the weld cycle can be actuated.

Rick McLean
Sales Manager