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Four New Press Brake Products to Help Increase Productivity

Quick, Repeatable Crowning

Bending a part over 4-feet long can lead to deflection. The Express Crowning system is the precise and consistent way to control deflection on your press brake by securing dies and crowning the lower beam. Express Crowning offers:

  • Precise macro and micro crowning
  • Secure die holding with manual set screws every inch or hydraulics
  • Crowning powered via manual crank or electric motor
  • Body hardened to 28-32 HRC

Air-Powered Clamping

The Express Air clamping system for European style tooling decreases setup time with faster and easier tool changeovers. The system is powered by standard shop air and triggered by a wireless push-button pendant control. Express Air clamping system boasts:

  • Front and (optional) back clamps
  • Narrowest body on the market for the greatest range of bend angles
  • Nitrex® surface hardened to 68–70 HRC
  • Clamps can be spaced apart or pushed together for setup flexibility

Fixed Height Tooling with Wilson Benefits

We offer AFH tooling with the shortest lead-times available, made in and shipped from the USA. But we didn’t just match the AFH tooling style, we added a Wilson Tool spin to the line. Our tooling comes with the premium features you expect from us:

  • Nitrex® heat treatment to 70RCS hardness for added strength and longer life
  • Expert education from our technically trained sales engineers, application specialists and designers who are now ready to help you identify the right tools for your applications using this and all other tooling styles

Storage to Keep The Right Tools, Right Where You Need Them

Efficient tool access is key to increasing performance. Vertical Xtreme Storage Cabinets are designed to do just that. Additionally, they are a safe, flexible alternative to traditional tool storage options. They provide:

  • Ergonomic design for operator safety
  • High-capacity, secure drawers save space while maintaining tool condition and life
  • Flexible layout and small footprint for close-to-machine location

For more information on these products, please contact us today at 1.800.665.8089 or sales@empire-machinery.com!

Source: www.wilsontool.com