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Fabtech 2017 in Chicago is a week away!

Empire Machinery is attending Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, Illinois next week (Nov 6 – 9). It is an opportunity to see the latest technology within the industry from thousands of suppliers. If you have been to Fabtech in the past, you know what is in store, and for those who maybe taking in the show the for the first time I have two recommendations. Come with a plan of what you want to see and bring comfortable shoes!

The Fabtech App certainly helps with the planning, allowing you to highlight vendors you want to see and provides a listing of the various presentation that will be taking place.

Empire Machinery & Tools Ltd will have a number of suppliers exhibiting at the show that will be showing their latest developments.

Durma will be debuting their AD-ES Series Electric Press Brake which use servo motors and satellite ball screws to drive the ram. This technology allows the brake to be much more energy efficient. The compact design is a still a full featured machine allowing fabricators to have their small parts formed on this brake will keeping the bottle neck of parts from building at one of their larger brakes in the shop. Durma is at booth number A1831.

Norlok Technology Inc. will be show casing the variety of clinching machines they offer, from very popular and versatile Surelok III that has the largest capacity range as well as the ability to clinch stainless steel and has the flexibility to be changed over to the “SPR” Self Piercing Rivet technology for the sign industry. Norlok can be found at booth number A1242.

Apex Machine Group will be showing their latest offering in deburring machines with the new model TB1600 deburring machine, which is able to deburr and edge radius both the top and bottom sides of parts in a single pass.  Apex Machine Group can be found at the show at booth number A1014.

Salvagnini will be showcasing several new technologies from their Flex Cell where parts will be formed through s combination of their industry leading Panel Bender and their B3 Press brakes. a Variety of parts will be formed showing how the panel bender and the press brake can compliment one another for certain parts.  Salvagnini’s new Stream Software platform will also be demonstrated showing how it can simply part production and work flow on the shop floor. Salvagnini can be found at booth number A1838.

Hornet Cutting Systems will be showing their capabilities in both plasma and waterjet cutting with the HDX Plasma table and their Aqua Hornet LT. The HDX Cutting table offers higher rapid traverse speeds, which helps in producing excellent edge quality in parts. The dual bead gantry design allows us the offer the optional Bevel Head for bevel cutting plate.

The Aqua Hornet LT is latest design from Hornet Cutting Systems for waterjet cutting that is available in three table sizes to meet any fabricators needs. The compact yet industrial design is a very competitive solution for anyone looking to either add waterjet cutting to the shop or looking to start with their first waterjet cutting machine. Hornet Cutting Systems can be found at booth number A2892.

Several other companies that Empire Machinery works with will be exhibiting at Fabtech and below is a complete list of the booth numbers where each of the companies we work with can be found.

  • Apex Machine Group – Booth# A1014
  •  Burr King Manufacturing Co – Booth# A3059
  •  Durma – Booth# A1831
  •  Gripnail –  Booth# C41604
  •  Hornet Cutting Systems – Booth# A2892
  • Marvel Manufacturing Co – Booth# A2850
  •  Norlok Technology Inc – Booth# A1242
  •  Roper Whitney – Booth# A4888
  •  Salvagnini – Booth# A1838
  •  Wilson Tool International – Booth# A2831

I will be at the show and look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to meet at the please contact me by email at sales@empire-machinery.com