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BeamCut Systems….WHY BeamCut?

BeamCut is part of the Machitech Automation manufacturing group with 17 Years of Dedicated Experience, 1500 Machines in Service Worldwide and a 98% Customer Referral. Their attention to detail extends beyond the factory floor as BeamCut® employees practice a long tradition of integrity, efficiency, and precision in every step of the customer journey.

You could perhaps call BeamCut the flagship of plasma pipe cutting and that’s why we want to talk about it! So, without further a due, meet BeamCut. The #1 robotic cutting system. CNC precision is vital to precise cuts, and the first part you need to have nailed down is an accurate linear measurement using a state-of-the-art electronic measuring device. BeamCut has that and much MUCH more.


The 6-axis industrial FANUC Robotic Arm ensures best in class cut quality by eliminating motion sway and cutting vibration. Now.., we know what you might be thinking. “Ok, well… what’s so special about BeamCut’s robotic arm? Simply put, it’s more than 4x stronger and more powerful than the closest competition resulting in faster and more precise cuts.


Here is where things get really interesting. Beamcut Software is the proprietary software used to program robotic trajectories. Beamcut operates using DSTV files from 3D profiling software and 2D DXF AutoCAD files. Once your files are imported, the software simulates the cutting sequences automatically. The automatic cutting trajectory is created and verified on a drafting computer instead of the machine. No big deal? Think again. With that feature, it means the operator and the Beamcut are free to do what they’re meant to do, which is process all structural shapes in record timing.




BeamCut is very versatile and it’s ease-of-use requires minimal operator training. Developed in partnership with operators and CNC technicians, the software is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It comes equipped with a user interface that is so simple to use that a 5-year old could probably do it. …well maybe not, but you get our point.



The Robot is equipped with a Photo-Laser Measuring Device and a mobile measuring cart, allowing automatic split-second profiling and positioning of your piece and guarantees the most precise cut possible.



Don’t fret. The safety enclosure of the BeamCut is state of the art. It limits the space reserved for robotic cutting and the circulation area around the system. The safety latch work envelope door allows for easy access and will shut the machine down if opened during operation. In addition, an air outlet with a market leading 4250 CFM blower extracts the smoke (dust collector not included – optional) and prevents drastic health risks associated with plasma smoke. The bonus? The safety cabinet complies with OSHA and Canadian safety standards and may help lower insurance costs!

Streamlining the potential benefits of the BeamCut is almost impossible because there are many of them. To name a few..

  • Reducing production labor costs
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Improve aesthetic value, quality and workmanship of your manufacturing
  • Improve Part Repeatability and Accuracy
  • Help you take on more jobs with the same number of employees
  • Eliminate Common Production Mistakes
  • Increase Production Capability Quotas
  • Give you a Very Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

Check out the link below for more information on the BeamCut Systems! We guarantee it’ll be worth your time.


BeamCut Systems