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We are very pleased with our new Baileigh hydraulic box and pan brake. This is a purchase we should have made years ago. It is saving us a lot on manufacturing costs plus we produce a higher quality product. By having this new brake we now also save on costs associated with having our product taken to another shop to have it formed. So in the end this brake will pay for itself.

Jenkins & Puddicombe

Even though we had already doubled our staff size our workload was still increasing and we knew something had to be done. This is when Denise and I started to consider another major purchase, a CNC plasma table. While starting KEHFAB, Empire found all the machinery for us to set up shop so once again we turned to them on this purchase. Denise and I did the math and came to the conclusion that the plasma table was the perfect solution. Once the table was set up and started working for us we were able to eliminate all over time, yet monthly sales remained the same, it was crazy. It’s like we doubled our staff size again, only this new member of our team takes no lunches or coffee breaks and actually works while we are taking our breaks. Just over a year has gone by since the purchase and because our business is still new and growing we are back on overtime again but only because our business has increased. The Engel Viking plasma table has made it possible for us to keep up with our ever growing workload.

Kehler Sheet Metal Fabrication

To lower job costs, we looked to the fab shop. Empire’s 5FT Duct Beader was one of the machines purchased. The Duct Beader is a very dependable machine that paid for itself within a year. The people at Empire are professional and provide excellent service.

Garber Heating

As a regular user of Empire Machinery & Tools Ltd.’s equipment for the last six years, we are very happy to say that we are very satisfied with our equipment and the sales and after sales services provided by our friends at Empire. Keep up the good work!

Design Built Mechanical

As an Engineer, I really appreciate the efficient design of our new FLEXMASTER as compared to other flex pipe machines. The unit is compact, the lubrication system is very clean – no mess and the run out table adjustment is very well thought out. From a production point of view, the FLEXMASTER produces consistent product, size changes are fast and the machine is simple to use for operators at all levels. The factory technician was very knowledgeable and thorough during training and we are very pleased with our new flex pipe machine.

Lambro Industries

I bought quite a bit of equipment for the last ship I worked at through Empire, and it was always the best price and quality equipment. Sean Mashinter is excellent to deal with, very friendly, helpful, and understanding.

Randall M.


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